Note - Radar Healthcare Analytics updates overnight and so will not show any data from the same day

Depending on the type of widget and the type of data you are viewing, you will be able to click into the widget on the Analytics Dashboard to view more information in a table view.

For example, if you are viewing the audit dashboard and would like to see the details for all audits within the current selection, you can simply click into any of the numerical widgets and this will display the details for each individual audit. 

In the screenshot below, we can click into the "Overdue audits" widget to see the details for those audits:

In the table that is displayed you will see information such as the type of audit, the current stage, due date and who owns the audit:

The same principle applies for the Events and Actions Dashboards. You can click into any of the numerical widgets, such as Number of events, Open events or Overdue events...

... and this will reveal the event details:

Exporting the data

This information can be exported by selecting the three dot menu icon on the right hand corner of the information box (you may need to hover over the table to reveal the three dot menu).

Select Download and then choose the relevant format for the data.