Please Note - Radar Healthcare Analytics updates overnight and so will not show any data from the same day


Download / Export the Whole Analytics Dashboard

You can download a PDF or Image of an entire dashboard.

Find the dashboard you wish to export using the Dashboard Menu and select the 3-dot icon next to the title.  Now select the Download option and choose either PDF or image.

PDF Settings

In Edit mode, you can set the size of your widgets by selecting and dragging the borders of each widget. These borders are displayed when Edit mode is toggled on.

After you have customised your report, you can save the settings and use them when sharing reports, or download the report as a PDF.

Select the right settings for you using the side menu.

Please find an explanation of each option in the table below.

Paper SizeThe size of the report in the PDF.
OrientationThe orientation of the dashboard in the PDF, landscape or portrait. Landscape orientations display the dashboard horizontally while portrait orientations display the dashboard vertically.
HeaderThe design and content of your report’s header. The header is displayed on the top of each page of your PDF report.

From the Header list, you can define how your header is to be displayed:

Compact, Medium, Large, or No Header.

After you have set the design, you can determine what information is included in the header.

Title: Select to display the dashboard name at the top of the PDF.

Data As Of: Select to display the name and last build time at the top of the PDF.

Dataset Name: Select to display the name of the dashboard’s data.

Dashboard Filters: Select to display dashboard filter selections.


The content displayed in the footer section of each page of your report. You can display the following information:

Page Number: Select to display the page number on each page of the report.

To save, download or cancel please scroll of the bottom of the page and select accordingly.

(The middle symbol highlighted below will automatically download your PDF report.

Image Settings

There is a selection of options available in the Download Image settings:

Select the options which apply and select Download to have this exported for you.

If you wish to download/export a specific analytic tile please read the guide below.

Download / Export Individual Analytics Data Reports (Widgets)

The Radar Healthcare Analytics Dashboard allows you to not only filter information on the screen, but you can export the various pieces of information (called Widgets) into different formats (depending on the type of widget you are exporting). 

To export any of the widgets, select the three-dot menu icon to the top right corner of the widget you wish to export. Click Download and then select the format you wish to export. 

You can also export the detail for the widgets where applicable by following the same process. 

You can click into any of the numerical widgets, such as Number of events or Open events...

...this will reveal the event details:

This information can be exported by selecting the three-dot menu icon on the right-hand corner of the information box.

Select Download and then choose the relevant format for the data.

Image  - download a photo of your data

CSV/Excel - download the raw data into a spreadsheet