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Short Version

Scheduled Tasks are tasks assigned to you to complete.  There may be many instances of the tasks and the one at the top is always the next one to complete.  Select the task you wish to complete and add any written comments to explain the work you have carried out, or sometimes you may also be asked to complete a form.  Selecting the icon marked complete finishes your task.

Viewing a Scheduled Task

  • Select the Scheduled Task you wish to complete.

  • You will be shown a list of times the task has been completed with the latest task showing as incomplete at the top.

  • Select the top task.

Adding Updates

  • Add any written comments associated with this task using the Updates area at the bottom of the task page. 

An image showing the updates field at the bottom of a scheduled task.

Completing a Form

  • Some tasks will require you to complete a form of questions

  • Select the icon view required form to be shown the questions.  Answer the questions by selecting Save for Later to come back another time, or select Save and Complete to complete the form.

  • Please Note: You must complete the form to be able to complete and close down the task.

An image showing an icon called View required form

Marking the Task as Complete / Closing the Task

  • Select Complete at the top of the task screen.  You will need to provide a comment and the task will close.

  • Please note: A Scheduled Task may recur based on a chosen timeframe.  You may be asked to choose the next date, or it may automatically schedule another task for the future.  

An image showing an icon labelled complete at the top right hand corner of the screen


Unable to Complete and Close the Task

  • The complete icon will only appear if you have been given permission to close tasks and once you have completed any required forms. 

  • If you cannot see the complete icon and you have completed the required forms (if a form is required), please contact your organisation's system administrator who will be able to either update your permissions or advise accordingly.