To complete a Scheduled Task, click into the Task from your main dashboard.

You will now be taken to the Task. If this task has been completed previously, you will be able to see each completion from the Task list. 

Click in to the top most pending task to complete the latest assignment.

Completing a Required Form

Here you can see the details for the task you have been assigned. Some tasks include a Form that you are required to complete - please see example below:

If the task you have been assigned includes a required form, simply click in to the form and complete the information requested.

Adding Updates

Once you have completed the form, or if no form is attached to your assigned task, you can add updates to the task at the bottom of the page. 

Marking the Task as Complete / Closing the Task

If you have submitted all the information required, you can close the task using the button at the top of the screen:

Unable to Close the Task?

The Close button will only appear if you have been given permission to close tasks and once you have completed any required forms. If you cannot see the Close button and you have completed the required forms (if forms are required), please contact your organisation's system administrator who will be able to either update your permissions or advise accordingly.