Compliance Requirements can be set to either automatically recur, or to just be completed on an ad-hoc basis.

If a requirement is set to automatically reschedule, the next version will be created as soon as the previous one is completed, and will be visible on the user's compliance record straight away.

If a requirement is set as a non-recurring, ad hoc requirement, once it has been completed the first time, it will not automatically reschedule itself with a future due date. However it can still be re-completed at any time.

A non-recurring requirement, once completed initially, will show as "Not Applicable" in the Due date column:

To re-complete one of these requirements, click into them from this list.

Here you will see each time the requirement has been completed previously. 

To complete the requirement again, click Redo requirement 

This will launch a fresh version of the requirement for you to complete, which will show as Pending on your/the user's My Tasks dashboard.

N.B. When you re-complete a requirement in this way, no previous data will be carried across, e.g. documents uploaded the first time the requirement was completed will not be shown in the latest version. Any past data entered can be viewed by clicking into the previous submission. Please find guidance on viewing past submissions here: Viewing Compliance History and Past Submissions