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Compliance Requirements can be set to either automatically recur, or to be completed on an ad-hoc basis.   For these ad-hoc requirements, you can choose to have them completed again as and when required.

Re-doing the Requirement

  • Once completed an ad-hoc requirement will show as "Not Applicable" in the Due date column

An image showing a list of requirements on a user's record and the words Not Applicable showing in the Due Date column.

  • Select the requirement you wish to have completed again.

  • Here you will see each time the requirement has been completed previously. 

An image showing a requirement which has been completed and there is a button marked redo requirement.

  • To complete the requirement again, click Redo requirement 

  • This will launch a fresh version of the requirement for you to complete, which will show as Pending on your/the user's My Tasks dashboard.


Will data from the previous instance of the requirement carry onto the new one?

  • When you re-complete a requirement in this way, no previous data will be carried across, e.g. documents uploaded the first time the requirement was completed will not be shown in the latest version.