Some forms in the form editor contain what we refer to as imported content. 

This is “generic” content that can be pulled into multiple forms instead of creating the same content repeatedly. For example, you may use the same contact details capture fields across lots of different forms. Rather than creating each of these individually in each form, we can create these fields once, and then import them into lots of other forms, wherever they are needed. 

When you are viewing a form that is importing content from another form, the preview panel will show the form in full as it will appear to the end user, including any imported content (content pulled in from another form), however you will NOT see the imported content in your middle form editor canvas and cannot edit the imported content from here. 

In the example shown below you can see that the elements highlighted on the right hand preview pane, are not appearing in the middle canvas (the arrow indicates where you would expect to find these fields were they in the middle canvas). These highlighted elements are being imported from another “generic” form. 

If you wish to edit the imported content and are not sure which form is being imported, please contact Radar Healthcare support who will be able to direct you to the relevant form, which can still be edited in the form editor.