To view the Risk Register, select Risk Register from the left hand menu:

You will now be able to see all risks that your permissions allow you to see:

You can filter on any risks on the risk register using the filter icon on the top right hand side of the table:

To view an individual risk, click into it from this Risk Register table. 

Viewing Individual Risks

At the top of the screen we can see the original risk score, the current risk score and the target risk score (if a target has been set).

We can also see who created the risk and when, along with the current risk owner and risk category. 

The author of the risk can provide further information about the risk in the Description and Impact fields.

At the bottom of the page we have a selection of tabs to help you explore the risk further.


This provides a detailed overview of the risk as a whole.

This overview page will update with each review of the risk, so that you have a tracked chronology of everything that takes place.

Current Controls:

Here you can add or review the controls put in place to manage this risk.  Click here to explore further.


Files can be uploaded against a Risk.  Simply select Add File to upload a document from your device and it will appear in the table below.  Multiple files can be uploaded, and to remove simply select the X symbol next to the file name.

Risk Tasks:

Tasks can be created against a Risk from here.  Select Add Risk Task to create a new one, or select an existing one from the list to review. Click here to explore further.


Use this tab to create or view links between this Risk and existing Events and/or other Risks. Click here to explore further.


Written comments can be quickly added and reviewed from this tab.  Simply type in the text box and select Add Comment. All comments record the name of the individual who created it, the date it was added and the ability to remove it by selecting the X symbol next to it.


Here you will see a record log of all behaviours associated to this Risk. This cannot be deleted or amended, providing you with a definitive chronological reflection of individual and system generated behaviours.