Select Risk Register on the side menu and choose the risk you wish to add an Action Task to.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Risk Tasks.

Here you will be able to see any existing Risk Tasks.  To create a new task select Add risk task.

There are two stages; Details and Attachments.

In Details you'll be presented with a short form to complete.

Person responsible - this is the individual who is responsible for ensuring the task is completed.  This will appear for them on their list of My Tasks when they next log into the system.

Send email notification - this option allows you to have an email sent to the Person responsible to notify them of their new task.

Priority - using the drop-down list choose the most relevant option from; High, Medium or Low.  This will appear for everyone viewing the task.

Due date - use the calendar option to select the completion date for the task.  This can be edited at a later date should it be required.

Risk task details - please enter the details of the task.  This box can be enlarged using the two small diagonal lines in the bottom right corner, should you wish to have more room to type further detail.

Once complete select Next to continue to the Attachments page.

If required please use this option to upload one or more documents for this task, select Add file and choose the required document from your device.

To finalise the task select Complete and the task will now show in the table.