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Keep a log of the controls you are putting in place (or have already implemented) to help mitigate the Risk.  Disseminate actions via Risk Tasks to support the implementation of your controls, or actions required. 

Adding a Risk Control

  • On the Risk navigate to the option labelled Controls.

Controls on a Risk.

  • Any existing controls will be shown here and select Add control to be taken to a new page to complete all the details of your new control.

  • All fields are mandatory and can be edited at a later date if required.

A Risk Control.

  • Adequacy. How effective is this control? It is possible that at the time you create a control, the Adequacy is unknown.  If so, you can leave this field as Not Applicable and update this field at a later date. 

  • Assurance.  Are the business objectives are achievable with a tolerable level of residual risk?  This may be unknown at the point of creating the risk control.  If so you can leave this field as Not Applicable and update this field at a later date. 

  • Once you are happy with the details of your control select Save.

  • The new control will show under the Current control tab at the bottom of the page.

A created control.

Updating and Closing a Control

  • To edit a control select the one in question and you'll be brought back to the details page to edit the information.

  • Here you can edit any of the information required.  Select Save to confirm your changes.

  • To provide a comment updating the Risk Control use the Update area.

Add Update to a Control.

  • To close down the Control select Close control 

Closing a Control.

  • Choose whether your Control has been Implemented or Not Implemented.  You must provide a Reason for your decision.

  • Your closed Controls will be hidden.  Select Show Closed to view them.

Selecting Show Closed.

  • To reopen a Control select the one in question and choose the Reopen icon.  Again, you must provide a reason behind your action.

Adding and Amending Risk Tasks

  • On the Risk navigate to the option labelled Risk Tasks.

Risk Tasks.

  • Here you will be able to see any existing Risk Tasks.  To create a new task select Add risk task.

  • There are two stages; Details and Attachments.


Risk Task Details.

  • Person responsible.  This is the individual who is responsible for ensuring the task is completed.  This will appear for them on their list of My Tasks when they next log into the system.

  • Send email notification.  This option allows you to have an email sent to the Person responsible to notify them of their new task.

  • Priority.  Using the drop-down list choose the most relevant option from; High, Medium or Low.  This will appear for everyone viewing the task.

  • Due date.  Use the calendar option to select the completion date for the task.  This can be edited at a later date should it be required.

  • Risk task details.  Please enter the details of the task.  This box can be enlarged using the two small diagonal lines in the bottom right corner, should you wish to have more room to type further detail.



  • Upload one or more documents for this task, select Add file and choose the required document from your device.

  • To finalise the task select Complete and the task will now show in the table.

A Risk Task.