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Closing a Risk removes it from your active Risk Register.  All closed Risks remain available for retrospective reporting.  A closed Risk can e reopened should it start impacting your organisation.  Abandoning a Risk will permanently delete it from your Risk Register altogether.  

Closing a Risk

  • Select the icon labelled "close risk".  You will be asked to provide a reason for this which will be stored in the History section of the Risk.

The Close Risk Icon.

  • This will close the risk down.   The status of the Risk will now change to say it is closed.

A closed risk.

  • From the Risk Register itself, you can view all closed risks using the show closed tab.

A Risk Register.

Reopening a Risk

  • Select the Reopen icon at the top of the closed risk.

  • You will be asked to provide a reason for reopening the risk which will be stored in the History tab.

The reopen icon.

Abandoning a Risk

  • Once a Risk has been abandoned it is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

  • On the Risk select the Abandon icon.

Abandon risk icon.

  • You will be asked to enter the risk reference and a reason for abandoning the risk.  

Abandoning a Risk.

  • Click Abandon to confirm.


I cannot find the icons mentioned in this guide...

  • If you do not have the option to close, reopen or abandon a Risk it is due to your permissions.  Please speak to your system Administrator who will be able to discuss this with you.