You can either export the Risk Register directly from the Risk Register page itself, or you can export the register and a wider selection of reports via the Analytics page. 

Exporting the Register form the Risk Register Page

To export the Register from the Risk Register directly, select Risk Register from the left hand menu:

You will now be able to see all risks that your permissions allow you to see:

Select the document icon highlighted above to download a fully formatted excel document to your computer or device.

Exporting the Risk Register via Analytics

To view a selection of exportable reports, from your main dashboard, select Analytics

From the left hand panel, select Live and then Risk_Register to reveal the three different Risk Register dashboards available to you.

Each of these dashboards can be exported by clicking on the three dot menu to the right of the selection, clicking Download and then choosing the preferred format:

For further help using the Analytics dashboards, please refer to the Analytics Dashboard section of the help pages. Click here to access these now.