What is Persons Involved?

Persons Involved allows you to view all events where a particular User, Service User or custom list item was involved in some way. 

Within events, you are able to ask questions where the answer can be selected from a list of system users, service users or any custom list you have in Radar Healthcare:

Persons Involved allows you to select someone (or something) from one of those lists and see all the events they have been involved in to any degree. 

The results will display any event where the user or item has been selected from a drop down list within a form.

For example; you may wish to see a list of all the events that concern a certain service user (pulled from a custom list of service users). By selecting their name, a list will be generated of all the events where their name has been selected in a form question response as part of the event form or workflow, regardless of who created the event, or the form and question asked.

To note - the results displayed in Persons Involved will be filtered according to your system permissions. You will only see events that you have permission to see. This means the user, service user or custom list entry might appear in other events that are not appearing on your results because you do not have permission to see the other events.

Likewise, you will only be able to view events that involved staff members from:    

  • within your location, or         
  • within the region that your location resides in, or         
  • within the organisation as a whole    

You won’t see events that staff from other locations outside your own have been involved in.

Using Persons Involved

On the side panel select Event reporting > Persons involved

Please follow the logic rules to find the information you require.

To start let's select the type of information we want to choose from.  These will always include your System Users (Staff member) and can also include any Custom List (please raise a ticket with Radar Healthcare to add a Custom List).

Once your list is selected you'll then be able to select a name from that list in the next drop-down field.

Upon selection all the events which have involved the named individual/item will appear below:

Please select a specific event to be taken directly to it.

Should you wish to narrow your search further you can use the Filter option on the top right corner of the screen.

Select specific information within the filter will reflect on the list of events involved.

To remove the filters simply open the filter option and select Clear filters.

Persons Involved Permission

This is a separate permission available in Access control within the Administration panel.

Please note that to use this feature the user will also need permission to View events too.