Using Tags in Workforce Compliance allows you to group together your requirements into categories.  This allows for quick and easy filtering around Radar Healthcare and also on your Analytics Dashboard.

For example; you can use Tags to classify all your Statutory and Mandatory training requirements, allowing you to quickly look these up and report on them, removing other requirements from your analysis.

Please note: This guide assumes you have created your Workforce Compliance Requirements.  For more guidance on creating Requirements please go to Creating a New Compliance Requirement - Step 1: The Permission Rule Set

Getting Started

To create your tags please go to your Administration Dashboard and select Requirement types from your Workforce compliance section.

You'll now see all your existing Requirements.  

To get started select a Requirement you wish to tag and use the pencil icon to open it up on screen.

You'll now be presented with the details of your chosen requirement.  Simply start typing in the tag in the box marked Tags.  

If this is the first tag of this type please write it in full and select it once you're happy with the name.  Once saved this will now be available to use again on other Requirements without having to create it again.

Select Save once complete.

Once done you'll see the tag on the requirement.

Please repeat this process for all the necessary requirements.  Please remember once you have created the tag on the first requirement it will be available for you to simple select on the next one.