Our first release of 2021 brings you lots of great new features...


Radar Healthcare’s PSIMS module – NHS improvement - Enters BETA Phase

Our PSIMS module will enable you to record events that may have affected a patient’s safety while they were being cared for by the National Health Service in England. The information you record will be used to identify the best ways for the NHS to care for patients.

  • Use standardised PSIMS forms that automatically update to match PSIMS latest Taxonomy/Version (questions/dependencies) 
  • Automatically manage the submission of reportable events 
  • Remove any requirements for mapping and manual maintenance overheads 
  • Ability to set specific event types as reportable to PSIMS
  • Ability to set a location as reportable to PSIMS (for those who may only provide NHS services at specific locations) 

Read our latest blog for more information

Integrations HL7® FHIR® for Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EPR)

Radar Healthcare integrations with both EPIC and CERNER to allow real-time patient lookups/queries


Document analytics

  • % documents in date
  • % documents in date by tag (e.g Policy) 
  • Total number of documents with the status of overdue
  • Total number of documents split by category of document state (e.g draft)
  • Average of days overdue
  • Days overdue by reviewer
  • Full (exportable) list of published documents
  • Full (exportable) list of draft/approval documents

Document usage analytics

  1. The trend of the total number of times a document has been downloaded
  2. Downloaded documents by area (e.g. notices)
  3. Count of the total number of times a document has been downloaded ordered by most to least
  4. Full (exportable) list of document downloads

Click here for more information on Analytics from Radar Healthcare



Analytics dashboard permissions

You can now grant access to analytics dashboards based on a users role/s




Click here for more information on setting a user's permissions

Permissions checker

Admin user functionality to check why a user can or cannot see an event




Click here to find out more about this functionality and how to utilise it.

Risk register - Additional fields on excel export

Additional fields now added to risk register export including target, controls and tags.

You can now also filter the risk register table by tags.

 Click here for more information on downloading your Risk Register.


And here is a reminder of all the great new features we released in 2020....

Free new features  

  • Radar Healthcare Analytics
  • New Risk Register
  • Permissions - Access groups
  • Radar Healthcare Pulse(Smart KPIs)
  • Bespoke body maps
  • Download your analytics dashboard to PDF
  • Event workflow - change due dates
  • Task Summary
  • Tag Management
  • Audit Logs
  • Persons Involved
  • Workforce Compliance Analytics
  • Report builder performance
  • Analytics trends - Analyse-it

Paid upgrades 

  • Enhanced Risk Register