What are Enhanced Custom Lists?

Enhanced Custom Lists allow you to create lists of data in Radar Healthcare that can be pulled through to a form.  For example; a list of your Service Users or Residents. 

Why 'enhanced'?

Whereas the standard Custom Lists function limits you to a simple list of items, there are times when you require more information about the items on your lists.  For example, you may have a specific list of GP Surgeries, from which your users can select the relevant one involved in the investigation of your events.  You may wish to display the phone number or address of the surgeries for your users, or allow them to search and find the most relevant using those fields. This ability to have more information listed against a list of items is what differentiates the standard Custom List from the "Enhanced" Custom List.

There are also enhancements to how these lists work in Radar Healthcare forms.  You can allow your users to add new items to the list while they are completing the form to share responsibility for keeping the list updated, and also view the full details of the items they are selecting without needing to cross-reference away from the form (such as the full GP Surgery details).

In addition, you can also define the type of information that each field is capturing to ensure accuracy.  For example; if you are capturing Date of Birth you can define this as a 'date' field, and a calendar drop-down option will appear for those populating the list.

Example user cases

      • Patient/Service user list
      • Contact lists (e.g., Subject access request, complaint)
      • GP list
      • Medication's list
      • Supplier list

With the release of Radar Healthcare's advanced audits, you will have the ability to audit against a custom list item 

Can we use an Integration to manage this list?

Yes, an Enhanced Custom List can be populated by integrating with an alternative platform.  This is often a preferred method of managing such a list of data, ensuring it is automatically kept up-to-date from your main source of such data, and removing the need for manual administration.

Please speak to your Customer Success Manager or contact the Radar Healthcare Support Team for more information and costs.

Can we move our existing Custom List to the Enhanced version?

If you already have a Custom List and wish to make this an Enhanced Custom List to take advantage of the additional features we can discuss this with you and discuss the options available.

If your existing Custom List is managed by an integration we can discuss the re-development required and costs involved. 

Please speak to your Customer Success Manager or contact the Radar Healthcare Support Team for more information.

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