Creating a new Enhanced Custom List

Select Enhanced Custom List from the Administration menu under Event and Risk

At the very top of the page, select Create new list

Start by entering the name of the list, and the name you wish to see displayed to others (they can be the same if required). 

You now create the fields you wish to capture for each entity on your list.

In this example, we are creating a list of our Service Users and wish to capture their:

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. ID
  4. Known allergies
  5. Date of Birth

Using the Add field we work through our list.  For example:

Name - this is the title of the field you'll be capturing.  E.g. First Name.

Type -  what sort of data is being captured?  In this example it is text, however, it might be numerical, a date, email address, boolean (Yes/No), etc.  Selecting the right one means you can ensure the right type of data is being recorded.

Mandatory? - if yes is selected then you must enter information into this field when adding a new entity (E.g. a new service user).

Unique - can multiple entities with the same information be entered into our new enhanced custom list?  In our example it's very likely service users may have the same first name so we'll select No.

Include in search text? - when this list is added to a form will the user be able to search the list using this field.

Click Save to complete.

Continue to add the different fields that will be relevant for this Enhanced Custom List, they will appear in the table on screen. 

Below the table of fields for your new Enhanced Custom List you will see the option Is searchable. 

Selecting Yes here will allow you to search for recorded events that mention or include within the form submission items in this new list using the Persons Involved functionality.

For more information on the Persons Involved functionality, please refer to the user guide below:

Editing the fields on the list

Find the enhanced custom list and select the 3-dot menu next to its name:

From here you can archive a field using the 3-dot menu next to its name:

Or select the name of the field in question to be brought back to the edit screen and you can make the changes you require.

Select Save to make your changes Live

Populating your Enhanced Custom List

Find and select the list you wish to populate.

Select Add item... to get started

The fields you have created previously will appear and simply add in the information to add your first item to the list.

You'll notice at the bottom of the list is a new option called Restrict to location(s) and this allows you to restrict which locations can access this item on the list.  This is useful when logging events as it reduces and streamlines the number of items shown on the list.

Select Save to add your item to the list

Editing an Item on your Enhanced Custom List

To make a change to an item on your list simple open the list in question and select the item which requires amending.

Once your changes are made select Save to continue.