For guidance on how to use the Form Editor please view Video Guide: Exploring the Form Editor Build Screen and further guidance.

Either a Custom List or an Enhanced Custom List allows your users to select an option from your pre-defined list on a form. For example, you may wish to capture which Service User was involved in an incident. Having your Service User list appear on a form means they can select from this defined list and you can be sure of the accuracy.

Open the form in question and add in a Select element.

In the centre screen (your canvas) enter the Label (the question you wish to pose) and choose your Enhanced Custom List from the Data source....

For example:

On the configuration panel, there are lots of options to choose from to apply to your element.

Allow item creation from form

This allows your users to create new items to the list, in the scenario where something is missing.  This can share responsibility for the administration of the list. 

When activated it will appear for your users when completing the form.

Initial Value

If you want to automatically populate the answer to this question with an item on the list select it here.  Your users can amend this if required when completing the form.


You can add additional items to the select question which are not found in your list.  By default, they go to the bottom of the select, however by using this option they will merge with your list and be ordered alphabetically.

In this example, we have added the option of 'Other' in addition to all the items on our list.

Output in PDF

Should this question appear in the PDF report when exported from Radar Healthcare?

Allow multiple selection

This option allows your users to select more than 1 option from the drop-down list.

View additional details

Using Enhanced Custom Lists allows you to add more information about your items on the list.  For example; Service User's email address and postcode.  It may be useful for your users to be able to see this information after they have been selected on the form.  With this option activated they'll be able to view such details.

Please note: View additional details cannot work in conjunction with Allow multiple selection