This article outlines how to create a new version of an audit template that has been previously scheduled, by uploading an updated spreadsheet template with amended questions, requirements or sections.

If the audit has not been used before you can delete the audit template from your system. See Deleting or Archiving an Audit Template.

Minor changes can be made by updating the details within Radar Healthcare by:

However, if you created the audit from a spreadsheet template and want to make significant changes, you may wish to upload a new version of the spreadsheet.

To help track different versions of an audit template you would need to archive the old audit template and uploaded the amended spreadsheet to create a new version.

There are 5 steps to do this:

1. Rename the existing template:

  • Go to Administration > Audit Templates
  • Click on ‘Actions’ > ‘Edit’ next to the template
  • Update the name (we suggest adding ‘ARCHIVE DD-MM-YY' to the start of the template name)
  • Click ‘Create’ to save the changes


2. Create the new version of the template:

  • Click ‘Create’ on the Audit Templates screen
  • Fill in the Audit template details
  • Import the new spreadsheet (attached)
  • Click ‘Create’ to save

    See 'Building an Audit - Step 2: The Audit Template (Setting the Questions)' for more information.

3. Delete schedules of the old audit template:

  • Go to ‘Audits’ in the side menu
  • Filter for the old template name
  • Click on the audit and click ‘Delete Audit’
  • If an audit is already 'In Progress' you can either ‘Abandon’ the audit or allow the user to complete the old schedule, then delete the next schedule of the audit

    See 'Delete a Scheduled Audit' for more information.

4. Schedule the new audit template:

  • Go to ‘Audits’ in the side menu
  • Click ‘Schedule Audit’ and set the new audit template to be complete at relevant Locations

   See 'Schedule an Audit' form more information.


5. Archive the old audit template to prevent it being used:

  • Go to ‘Administration’
  • Click on ‘Actions’ > ‘Edit’ next to the template
  • Tick the ‘Archived’ box
  • Click ‘Create’ to save the changes


   See 'Deleting or Archiving an Audit Template' for more information.