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RADAR Q&A - 29/10/2021

What do I do about duplicate questions in report builder?

I would like to know more about how analytics can improve our Governance and get the best use out of Radar

Can we embed a form into our website?

Radar Healthcare Analytics - A Detailed Look - 25/06/2021

In this webinar, we take an in-depth look at Radar Healthcare's analytics module to help you maximise your usage of analytics  

This includes:

  • The current standard Radar Healthcare dashboards - What's available.  The full range of current Radar Healthcare dashboards
  • How to use and save filters. Finding and saving the data you need by exploring the filters
  • How to use Tags. Personalise your event dashboards utilising tags
  • Export data from Analytics directly
  • Exploration paths. Find more details about your data with the Exploration paths
  • Insights Miner. Use AI to dig deeper into your data using Insights Miner
  • Pulse. Save key data and create personalised alerts with your Pulse Dashboard.

Risk Register - 14/05/2021

This webinar looks at the Risk Register from Radar Healthcare, in particular:

  • How does the Risk Register integrate with the wider Radar Healthcare modules?
  • An Organisational wide example risk
  • A Location specific example risk
  • Demonstration of the upcoming Risk Register Analytics Dashboard (as of 14/05/2021)
  • Q&A

Please note there were some technical challenges with the start of this webinar - please skip to 03:40 and there is a bit of an echo art one point which doesn't last too long.

Radar Healthcare analytics builder - 26/03/2021

Radar Healthcare analytics builder allows you to create and maintain your own analytics dashboards within Radar Healthcare. 

The builder license allows users to:

  • Quickly create fully interactive dashboards from data with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop web UI
  • Drive better business decisions with bespoke reporting
  • Share new dashboards with permissions (role-based) configurable per dashboard
  • Easily combine data fields from multiple data sources into a calculation. Use any field, variable, or condition to refine your calculations to any level of data granularity.
  • Add new widgets to an existing dashboard
  • Edit and format a widget
  • Add indicators and gauges
  • Add conditional formatting
  • Create multiple different chart types 
    • Indicator (KPI)
    • Column Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Area Chart
    • Area Map
    • Bar Chart
    • Pie Chart
    • Polar Chart
    • Scatter Chart
    • Scatter Map
    • Pivot
    • Sunburst Widget
    • Treemap
    • Calendar Heatmap
    • Table
    • Box & Whisker Plot
  • Apply dashboard/widget and dependant filters
  • Connect to any number of existing Radar Healthcare data sources.

Audit Version 2 Development - 24/07/2020

Some of the items covered in this session:

  • Audit builder 
    • Creating different question types
    • Adding help to questions
    • Mandatory evidence
    • Scoring
    • Notification
    • Creating actions
    • Logic
    • Weighted scoring
  • Audit schedules 
    • Creating dynamic schedules
    • Calendar view
    • Export 
    • Edit and amend schedules
  • Completing an audit 
    • Shared audits
    • Accessibility
    • Offline functions 
    • Adding evidence
    • Different question types

Radar Healthcare Analytics - 05/05/20

This webinar covers:

  • Accessing the Analytics dashboard
  • Applying and clearing filters
  • Form and Location Tags
  • Exploration Paths
  • Exporting data
  • Setting Pulse alerts
  • Giving people access

Form Editor: Top Tips and Best Practice Webinar - 07/08/2019

This webinar looks at some top tips for using the Radar Healthcare Form Editor. 

The key tips and approximate video times are below:

Building the Form (00:36)

  • Always build in your Staging site
  • Name of the Form is how it appears to the User
  • Labelling fields to make them identifiable in reporting
  • If you are planning to remove a field, do you still need to report on it?
  • Save regularly!

Elements, Logic and Validation (06:18)

  • Using the correct element for what you need
  • Pulling through data into Selects (07:54)
  • Using Item Collections (12:20)
  • What do I use Sections for? (15:04)
  • You can reveal questions based on the answer to previous questions (15:04 - covered alongside Sections)
  • Do fields need to be mandatory? (20:32)
  • Stop people being able to complete if they don’t answer in a certain way (22:10)

Save, Publish and Test (24:40)

  • “Save” vs “Save As” and implications
  • Publish and test – changes may affect workflows
  • Version control and version roll back (30:03)

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