The diagram below outlines the cycle of a Document within Radar Healthcare.


Step 0. Upload a Document

The first step is to upload a new Document to Radar Healthcare and fill in the document details. For more information see Upload a New Document.

Steps 1 and 2. Approve and Ratify

The Approval and Ratification steps are optional functionality that can be enabled/disabled within your system upon request. Speak with our Support team if you would like to use one/both of these options and they are not currently available. Some organisations do not require either of these steps and can move straight to Step 3.

Whilst a document is being Approved/Ratified, it will be in a Draft status and can only be viewed by Document Admins or Roles that are part of the Approval/Ratification groups.

If the document has been previously Published in Radar Healthcare, the current Published version will still be available to download by all users with access to view the file.

For more information see Approving a Document and Ratifying a Document.

Step 3. Published Version

Once any Approval and Ratification steps are completed, the Document version is Published. This means that all Basic Users with relevant permissions can download and read the Document.

For more information see Viewing Documents.

Step 4. Review Current Version

If the document has a set review date, the current Published version can be downloaded from Radar Healthcare to review before the Due Date.

For more information see Reviewing a Document.

Documents that do not require a set review but need to be updated can also be downloaded when needed by system Admins/Super Users.

Step 5. Upload New Version

Once a document is reviewed or needs to be updated, a new version can be uploaded by an Admin. The document details can be amended as needed to start the cycle again.

For more information see Upload a new Version of a Document.