Enhanced Custom Lists

This new feature allows a customer to build more complex custom lists 

  • Example use cases 
    • Patient/Service user list
    • Contact lists (e.g., Subject access request, complaint)
    • GP list
    • Medication's list
    • Supplier list

  • Enhanced features include:
    • The ability for a user to look up additional data contained within an enhanced custom list (e.g., I can view patient contact details)
    • Ability to pre-filter search results on items within the custom list
    • Additional demographic or other data now available for analytics custom cube reporting 
    • Quick access to add data on the go directly into the custom list 
    • With the release of Radar Healthcare's advanced audits, the ability to audit against a custom list item

Further Reading:

An Introduction to Enhanced Custom Lists

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Adding an Enhanced Custom List on Form Editor

If you would like Enhanced Custom Lists activating please speak to your Customer Success Manager or contact the Radar Healthcare Support Team.

Forecasting Future Results

Radar Healthcare's new reporting enables you to forecast future values based on historical data.

This is available for all Event types and Audits templates.  Please activate the Dashboards for the required roles using Access Control.

Accessible via the Analyse-it option on the widget select Forecast> Forecast settings

The flexible forecast settings allow you to easily change a Forecast Period and indicate how many data points into the future to predict

Radar Healthcare also enables you to evaluate the accuracy of the forecast by comparing it to already existing actual data.

Radar Healthcare's AI engine driving this forecasting uses the following models:

•    Auto Arima 

•    Prophet

•    Random Forest

•    Holt-Winters

Further Reading:

Radar Healthcare crystal ball - Forecasting Future Results

Workforce compliance - hide N/A requirements

When a requirement has been removed from a user it remains on their record for historical reporting, and to ensure that the data is not lost if/when the requirement is adding back to the user. 

Once removed the item when into a Not Applicate state and remained on their record of compliance.  To increase visibility and focus on active compliance requirement the Not Applicate requirements are now hidden by default.

Scheduled task - new UI and performance improvers

Updates have been made to the look/feel of the Scheduled Task administration page to bring this in-line with the other areas of Radar Healthcare, and a number of performance improvers have been added such as additional filter options, and an improved creation process.

Please note: there are no changes to any of the existing processes and for anyone completing a Scheduled Tasks may not notice the change.

 Click here to view a video of the changes made to the Scheduled Tasks administration page

Event analytics

A number of additions to the core events dashboard  

    Added in overdue events widget

    Added in workflows (event state) as a filter

    Added in workflow status to charts

    Added YOY to trend

    Added in Trend option to chart

A round-up of additional updates

  • Action Plans
    • Region added to the Action Plan table
  • External forms - additional security layer
    • Can restrict access to external forms based on an IP address
    • This additional security layer allows you to lock down external forms containing sensitive data via an IP restriction 
  • Risk register
    • The ability to add comments to the risk review process
    • Can now order by risk score and last/next review dates
  • Report builder
    • A number of performance improvers when generating reports
  • Filters remembered when accessing Radar Healthcare over SSO
    • A user's filters are now remembered when accessing Radar Healthcare over single sign-on