There are two options when reassigning a Scheduled Task:

  1. Reassign the next outstanding and any subsequently scheduled tasks
  2. Reassign only the next outstanding task, any subsequent tasks will still assign to the original overall assignee

Reassign the Next Outstanding and All Subsequent Tasks

To reassign all future triggered tasks for this scheduled task, select the task from the overall Scheduled Task list and click Edit task. 

You can use the left hand navigation menu to jump to the Review and allocate step and select the new person responsible for the task.

This will now have reassigned the next outstanding task and all future tasks.

Reassign the Outstanding Task Only

To reassign a single instance of a task, leaving all future tasks that are subsequently scheduled unaffected, click into the task that you wish to reassign from the Scheduled Task list.

Here you will be presented with the details for this instance of the task. To reassign the task, select the name of the individual from the Person responsible drop down list and click Save  to save the changes.