If an audit has been downloaded to be completed offline via the Radar Audit Healthcare mobile app, then it will be showing as Locked in Radar Healthcare itself and you will not be able to make any changes or complete the audit in Radar Healthcare until the Audit has been re-uploaded by the user who downloaded it.

For information on how to re-upload an audit that has been downloaded to the app, please find a link to the relevant user guide below:

If an audit is locked it will be showing with a status "Locked" in the audit list:

If the user who downloaded the audit is not able to re-upload it, or of the original device has been lost or damaged, the audit will need to be unlocked by Radar Healthcare Support. In such instances, please raise a support ticket to ask for the audit in question to be unlocked. 

To raise a support ticket please click here.

Note, if an audit is manually unlocked by Radar Healthcare Support, any data entered into the offline app and not yet uploaded into Radar Healthcare will be lost.