This article provides an overview of the different ways to assign permissions and control the visibility of Workforce Compliance Requirements within your system.

Most areas of Radar Healthcare (Scheduled Tasks, Actions, Audits etc.) are scheduled at Locations and have Location-based permissions as the lowest level of restriction. However, workforce compliance Requirements are assigned to Users and can have permissions relating to the User themselves and their Line Manager.



Further information

Access Control

The Role-based permissions within Access Control are used to configure most permissions within your system.

Here you can assign overall, admin permissions for the Workforce Compliance module to grant Roles the ability to see all Requirements across a Location/Region/Organisation.

More granular permissions can be configured for different Requirements to grant/restrict visibility for non-admin users.

Permission Rule Sets

You can configure Role-based permissions for each Requirement to grant permissions across a Location/Region/Organisation. 

'Special Roles' can also be used to grant permissions relating to what Requirements users can see within their own record and the records of users that they manage.