This feature is coming soon.  This may be 06/04/2022 or 13/04/2022 dependant on your release schedule.

This feature allows you to find related events by searching on a custom list of data you hold).

For example, we may have a question on an event form to ask "Which Service User was involved?".  The person reporting the event selects the name of the service user from the list held in the system.  With this new workflow step, you'll be able to search for all other events where this service user has been involved and link them together if they're related.

This allows you to quickly search for, and link, similar events automatically.

The video below shows a short previous of the function (please note, this video is from a mock-up and the real functionality may look different.  A full video will be coming soon).

Key things to note:

  • This is available for any searchable custom list of data you have in Radar Healthcare.  For example, if you have a central list of medications it can be used here to search for related events where that medication has been involved.
  • This step is on the workflow.  If you wish it to appear for the person reporting the event we can set it to automatically run so it appears from them straightaway.
  • Permissions do apply.  A user will only see related events if they have permission to see them.
  • On the Overview tab, or on the PDF, any links created show in the links section with the reason "linked via the Related events workflow step".

How to implement:

  • Please contact Radar Healthcare Support and let them know:
    1. Which event workflows you'd like this adding
    2. Where on the workflow this should appear.  Is it part of the initial event reporting, or elsewhere on the workflow?
      1. If it's on the workflow; who should it assign to (by role), how long do they have to complete it, and should they receive an email alert?
    3. This will be set up in Staging for you to test and sign off before being moved to Live.

If you have copies of your workflows please update these with your requirements and highlight the changes for the teams to implement.  Please speak to your Radar Healthcare representative for futher details.