This article provides information about the new workflow step options introduced in June 2022. 

This event workflow step allows you to find and link events involving the same:

  • Service user
  • Staff member
  • Other Custom List option (e.g. Vehicle, Department, Medication)


There may be a question on an event form to ask "Which Service User was involved?"

The person completing the event selects the service user's name from a drop down list.  

The 'Link Related Events' workflow step will list all other events where this service user has been involved so that relevant events can be linked together for context .

This allows you to spot trends quicker, such as Complaints or Falls all involving the same service user.

The video below shows a short previous of the function (please note, this video is from a mock-up and the real functionality may look slightly different.)

Key things to note:

  • This is available for any searchable custom list of data
    E.g. if you have a central list of medications it can be used here to search for related events where that medication has been involved.
  • This step is part of the event workflow
    If you wish it to appear for the person reporting the event we can set it to automatically run so it appears from them straightaway.
  • Permissions do apply
    A user will only see related events if they have permission to see them.
  • Event Links
    On the Overview tab, or on the PDF export, any links created show in the Links section with the reason "linked via the Related events workflow step".
  • Released 2022
    This feature has been available to use since June 2022.

How to implement:

Please contact Radar Healthcare Support and let them know:

  1. Which event workflows you'd like to add this step to
  2. Where in the workflow this should appear
  3. Which Role is responsible for completing the step (e.g. Event Manager)
  4. How long does the responsible user have to complete this workflow step

Changes to existing event workflows are completed in Staging for you to test and sign off before being moved to Live.

Please note there may be an additional charge to update your event workflows.

If you have copies of your workflows please update these with your requirements and highlight the changes for the teams to implement.  Please speak to your Radar Healthcare representative for further details.