These features are coming soon.  Either on the 06/04/2022 or 13/04/2022 depandan on your release schedule.

Radar Healthcare offers and range of "out of the box" event types.  

We've been working on a range of dashboards designed to work with these to provide additional insight into your specific event types.

If you use our "out of the box" event types we now have a range of dashboards, including:

  • Inspections

Shows amongst others, the number of inspections, visiting bodies, outstanding inspection action plans, CQC ratings, and days since the last inspection.

  • Falls

Shows amongst others, the reasons, injuries, trends, hotspots, repeat fallers, and top 10 affected residents.

  • Wounds

Shows amongst others, the types, pressure ulcer grades, current conditions, 7-day reviews, cause, Acquisition, and wound review matrix.

  • Complaints

Shows amongst others, the number of complaints/compliments, trends, nature of complaint, outcome, and days to respond/outcome.

Here is an example of the complaints dashboard:

To activate these dashboards:

For these dashboards to function you do require the Radar Healthcare "out of the box" events listed above.  If you have tailered these then it will continue to reflect your data.  If you have designed your own event types from scratch these dashboards will not contain any information.  If you are unsure please contact the Radar Support Team.

Each event dashboard is its own permission.  Your system administrator will be required to activate the permission against your role.

If you are the systems administrator please view our guidance on permissions to find and activate the permissions for the Analytics Dashboards here