Sarah has been working on KO41b for dental and has created/tweaked the complaint forms for this and created guidance to teach customers how to create the reports and extract the results.  

The forms are saved in the GIT here: C:\GIT\Files\Demo\Events\1. NonNHS\All\FORMS AND TEMPLATES\KO41b – Dental

There are just two forms that have been updated, the Complaint Details and the Complaint Investigation.  All fields that are used for KO41b have a prefix of “KO41b” and hint text (see e.g. below)


The guidance is saved here:KO41b Dental Complaints Guidance 2021 2022 with Radar references.docx


This guidance document was originally created by NHS Digital and can be found through the link:

Sarah has incorporated Radar guidance into this to help explain how to use Radar Healthcare to report and submit to the K041b.