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Tags allow you to categorise individual items together for easy filtering and reporting.  With permission to manage tags, you can use Tag Management to create and archive tags in one central area.  Also, with the same permissions, you will be able to create tags outside the dedicated Tag Management feature.

Permission to Use Tags

  • Select Access Control in the Administration area of Radar Healthcare.

  • Under System permissions there is an option called Can manage tags and select which roles can or cannot have access to this functionality. 

An image showing Access control and the option of 'Can manage tag' under the category of 'system permissions'

Example Tags

Tags are created to filter tasks in specific areas of your system.

Below is a table of the different types of tags you can create, along with examples of different tags you may want to create for your data reporting and filtering.

Tag TypeExample
Action Plan
  • Audit
  • CQC
  • Admin
  • Staff / HR
  • Learning / Improvement
  • Core Policy
  • Clinical Policy
Compliance Requirement Type
  • Core Training
  • Clinical Training
  • Document / Certificate
  • Policy Update
  • General Update
Risk Register
  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
Scheduled Task
  • Admin
  • Maintenance
  • Team Lead
Form builder (Events) 
  • CQC Notification
  • RIDDOR Notification
  • Safeguarding
  • Serious Incident

Creating New Tags in Tag Management

  • In the Admin area select Tag management.

  • Select Create tag at the top of the screen.

  • Enter the name of your new tag and choose which areas of Radar Healthcare your new tag should relate to.

  • Select Yes to save the new tag.  This will now be visible under the Tag menu when creating a new item in those selected areas of Radar Healthcare.

A short video showing how to create a new tag in tag management

Creating a Tag outside of Tag Management

  • You can create and select a tag in many areas of Radar Healthcare when creating an item.  For example, when you create a new Action Plan.

  • When you have a tag drop-down option type in the name of your new tag and select it when it appears below your typed name.

An image showing a user typing in the name of a new tag and selecting it as it appears underneath

Editing a Tag

  • In the Admin area select Tag management.

  • Find the tag you wish to edit and select the 3-dots next to its name and select Edit.

An image showing the Tag Management menu and the user selecting the three dots next to the name of a tag and the edit option appearing

  • You will now be shown a list of the different modules in Radar Healthcare which this tag is available for.  Use the tick boxes next to the areas of Radar Healthcare to make your updates, and select Save to complete.

An image showing the selection of modules available for tags to be associated with.

Archiving a Tag

  • Select the tag you wish to archive from the list.  

  • Select the 3-dot option and choose Archive.  Read the confirmation message to confirm you wish to archive the tag.  It is not possible to un-do this.

Selecting he archive option.

  • Refresh your page and the Tag will disappear.  To view archived tags select the option marked Show archived.


Are tags visible across the whole system?

  • YES.  Any tag created will be visible for any location, region or role when creating a new item in Radar Healthcare.

How do I edit the name of a tag?

  • It is not possible to amend the name of a tag once it has been created.  We would recommend archiving the tag you do not want visible and creating the new name.