This article provides information about the Link Related Events workflow step.

This event workflow step allows you to find and link events involving the same:

  • Service user
  • Staff member
  • Other Custom List option (e.g. Vehicle, Department, Medication)


There may be a question on an event form to ask "Which Service User was involved?"

The person completing the event selects the service user's name from a drop down list.  

The 'Link Related Events' workflow step will list all other events where this service user has been involved so that relevant events can be linked together for context and to help you spot trends. 

Follow the 5 steps below.

  1. Click on the step in the workflow
  2. Click on each option that appears on the screen (e.g. in the screen shot below, click on Patient A - Resident)
    If no options are displayed, this means there are no options to check, jump to step 5.
  3. Tick all events that many be relevant to the event you are working on
    E.g. if this is a Fall event, you may want to link all related Falls or a Complaint that has been made as a result of this event
  4. Click 'Save'
  5. Click 'Complete' once you have linked all relevant events

Any linked events can be viewed on the 'Links' tab of each event.