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Accessing the login page

The website page required to log into Radar Healthcare may be different depending on your organisation.  If you are unsure please consider the following:

  • Contact your organisation's Radar Healthcare administrator/team who will be able to provide the correct link.

  • Is the link available on your desktop or via your organisation's intranet?  Often your IT Teams will make the link as widely available as possible.

  • Any emails you have been sent from the Radar Healthcare system should contain the link to your organisation's login page.

  • If the above does not garner the link required please contact the Radar Healthcare support team directly.  To be able to assist we do need to know the name of the organisation you are accessing Radar Healthcare for.

Logging in

  • On your organisation's login page please enter your account's email address in the top box and your password in the lower box.

An image showing the Sign In page for Radar Healthcare.  In the top box is an email address and in the lower box is a password.  The password has been hidden.

  • Select Sign In to complete the log in process.


Unsure what your email address or password is?

What's the difference between the Staging account and the Live account?

  • The Staging site is a place to test and train on using Radar Healthcare without your changes affecting your real information which is housed in your Live site.  The Staging site does not send emails to avoid any confusion with your Live site.  There is one address for the staging site: