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Notifications can be sent to key users/individuals throughout the journey of an event.  These may include general notifications to alert colleagues to the event itself or to alert them to specific events they need to be aware of for their role (e.g. Safeguarding leads are notified if an event is specifically flagged as Safeguarding related).  Radar Healthcare add these emails to your event workflows upon your request.

Viewing Event Notifications

  • When viewing a recorded event there are two areas where you can view the notifications which have been sent.

History Tab

  • Here you will be able to see an overview of the notification including who received it and the time/time.

An image showing the History tab and an email notification which has been sent.

  • To access the History Tab the user's role will require permission View History in Access Control.

An image showing the View History permission under the Event Reporting Permission options in Access Control.

Notifications Tab

  • Here you'll be able to see more information regarding the notifications which have been sent as part of this recorded event, including the type of notification, the date/time it was sent, who it was sent to, and the reason provided in the notification (the text included in the notification).

An image showing the Notifications tab on an event and an email which has been sent as part of the reporting of an event,

  • To access the Notifications tab the user's role will require the permission of View Notification

An image showing the View Notifications permission under Event Reporting Permissions in Access Control.

Email Client

  • In the Administration area of Radar Healthcare, the Email Client allows you to view all the emails sent from the system.  Simply select the user and all the emails will be shown. 

Types of Notification

  • There are two key types of notification:

New Event Workflow Task:

  • This notification is sent to the user who has been assigned a task on the workflow.  This informs them that they have been assigned a task for completion in Radar Healthcare.  This notification only sends to the individual user who is assigned that task.

An image showing an email which has been sent to a individual user letting them know they have been assigned a workflow task in Radar Healthcare.

Triggered Event Notification

  • This notification alerts key users on the progress of an event.  They can include a reason to explain the purpose of the notification.  

  • Examples of Triggered Event Notifications can include; notifying users that a new event has been reported, updating the user who reported the event that the event has been received or completed, and notifying key roles in the organisation should the event relate to their speciality (such as events flagged as Safeguarding or Health & Safety related), etc.

An image showing an email alert highlighting to the user that the event has a risk score greater than 19.

  • There are many ways you can use the Triggered Event Notification.  We recommend ensuring the notification have a clear call to action or purpose for the users receiving them.

Methods of Sending Notifications

Email Notifications

  • Email Notifications can be sent to system roles and specific email addresses. 

  • System Roles - when an event notification is triggered the system will notify all users with the Role(s) at the Location / Region / Organisation where the event has occurred.  The email address used by the notification is the one assigned to the user on their account in Radar Healthcare. 

  • Specific Email Address(es) - when an event notification is triggered the system will notify that named email address in the workflow.  

What information is included in a notification?

  • Our standard notification messages include:
    • Reference number for the event
    • Location the event has been reported against
    • The type of event (e.g. Incident / complaint / compliment / etc)
    • The reason for the notification.  The wording here is defined by each organisation.  This allows you to explain to the user seeing the message why they are receiving this notification so they understand what they should do with the information.  
    • A link to the event in Radar Healthcare for quick access

  • If you require anything in addition to the above please speak to your Radar Healthcare contact or the Support Team.

How to request event notifications

  • Please contact the Radar Support Team if you require any event notifications not already in your workflows.

  • We do recommend periodically reviewing your event notifications to ensure they are still accurate for your organisation and ensuring the right number of notifications are going to the right roles.


How do I add the user's email address to our system?

  • Each user in Radar Healthcare requires an email address against their account to be able to log into the system.  This is the email address which will receive the notification.  When creating users or editing their accounts please ensure the email address is correct.  For more information please see our guides Viewing and Editing Users.

Are notifications sent from the Staging site?

  • No.  Notifications are sent from your Live site only.  You will be able to view the notifications in other systems (such as your Staging site) but they will not be actively sent.