If you want to store a list of your service user/patient/residents' names within your system, there is a pre-configured Custom List called 'service_user' that you can populate. 

Storing a list of service users in your system enables you to easily select relevant names in event forms and use the Persons Involved functionality to find all events that a service user has been associated with.

Configure your service_user list directly in your Live system by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Administration > Custom Lists > service_users
  2. Click ‘Actions’ > View Items > +Create new item
  3. In the 'Display text' enter a unique reference for the resident
  4. In the 'Search text' enter the name of the resident 
  5. You can optionally restrict the resident to a location or add a tag to categorise the resident
  6. Click Save to add the name to the list

More information about managing custom lists can be found here: Custom Lists in Events.