This article outlines how to request changes to your event configuration, including amending the automated workflows. 

Changes to your event workflows need to be completed by Radar Healthcare. You cannot currently edit event workflows yourself. Any changes to workflows will not affect events that have already been reported in your system.

Please note there may be an additional charge to update your workflows. Ask you Customer Success Manager if you are unsure.

We have 5 steps to help us understand and complete your request as quickly as possible.

Step 1: PLAN

Make sure you have a copy of your Event Workflow Spreadsheet which documents your current configuration in your Live system. If you do not have this please reach out to our Support team ( or your Customer Success Manager to request it.

Annotate and amend your copy of the workflow spreadsheet to explain the changes you'd like to implement. Make sure:

  • All amended items are highlighted in yellow, allowing for clear and fast identification of the changes you want to implement.


This is an image showing a user selecting an existing field on the workflow spreadsheet.


This is an image showing the information within that select field amended and the whole field if highlighted in yellow.

  • All items to be removed are highlighted in red.  Highlight the whole role if you wish to have full workflow steps removed, or events archived:


  • Please ensure any changes you require to your forms are carried out in the Form Editor.  
  • Please check and ensure the roles listed in your workflows are created in your Radar Healthcare System.


  • Please submit your changes to the Radar Healthcare Support Team.  Ensure your annotated and highlighted workflow spreadsheet is attached to your request when creating a ticket here in the Support Portal, or by emailing and attaching your spreadsheet to the email.

Step 4: TEST

  • Radar Healthcare will implement your changes on your Staging site. We aim to make the changes available to test within 5-15 working days, depending on the complexity.

  • We will ask you to test the changes to ensure you are happy they have been carried out to your needs, and pick up on any questions or queries.
    See ‘Test Your Event Configuration’ and ‘Test Your Analytics and Data Reporting’ for guidance and tips to check that the amendments meet your requirements. 

Step 5: SIGN OFF

  • Once you are happy with the changes please confirm on your Support Ticket and the changes will be transferred to Live.

  • Your workflow spreadsheet will be updated to reflect the changes and the highlighted colours removed.  This will now be your most up-to-date version of the spreadsheet.