If you are looking to make significant changes to an audit template, or if you need to create a new audit template that is very similar to an existing one, then you can simply make a copy of an existing template to edit. 

The benefits of making a copy of a template are:

  • All Settings are carried over, including the scoring and how often the audit needs to take place
  • All Sections, Requirements and Questions are carried over so you don't need to start from scratch!
  • If you are making changes to an existing template, you will not affect any live audits or any existing schedules and get all changes reviewed and signed off if needed, without holding up any outstanding audits in the meantime

Please be aware however, if you are copying an audit you will be unable to change the Audit Type which dictates the scoring thresholds. 

To make a Copy of an Audit Template, from the Audit Templates screen, select Actions to the right hand side of the template you wish to copy and then Copy and then OK when prompted.

You will now see a new audit appear in your Audit Templates list called Copy of...[Copied Audit name].

To rename this template and set your Template settings, click Actions and then Edit.

You can now continue to make the required changes to your audit. For assistance on making changes to you audit, please refer to the relevant guides below:

Viewing and Editing Audit Evidence Questions

Deleting a Section, Requirement or Evidence Question