Audits can automatically scheduled following completion, based on a recurrence period set in the Audit Template.

If an audit has been set to automatically reschedule, but you need to edit the recurrence period, you can do this by editing the details in the audit template.

To edit this, select Administration from the left hand menu...

...then Audit Templates from the Admin Dashboard.

Here you see a list of all the existing Audit Templates in your System. 

Search for the audit template that you wish to edit, click the Action button to the right hand side o f the template and then select Edit.

Here you will see the current settings for this audit template. 

To change how often the audit automatically reschedules, scroll down to the Rescheduling option and ensure that this is set to Automatic.

You can then set/edit the recurring period, e.g. set an audit to recur monthly.

Once all changes have been made, click Create top save your changes.