Staging vs Live - where should I update my form?

If you wish to update a form, this can be done either in your Live site, or in your Staging site. 

The benefits of updating a form directly in your Live site are that you can make changes completely independently and publish them immediately, which in turn updates the relevant event, workforce compliance requirement or scheduled task where the form is being used. 

HOWEVER we do advise caution when updating forms in your Live system, as updates have the potential risk of breaking workflows in the background. For example, if there is a question in a form that triggers different workflow steps when answered in a certain way, and this question is deleted, the trigger will no longer work. 

The benefit of updating a form in your Staging site and us publishing to Live on your behalf is that you are making changes in a completely safe environment, with no risk of adversely affecting your Live system unintentionally. You can fully test all changes by raising test events or assigning and completing test requirements, making sure all workflows still behave as expected, again without affecting your Live system data.

You can access your staging site here:  

If you do not have a login, please let us know and we will set you up with access. 

Updating your Staging site

If you want to update a form in Staging, it is important to ensure that the form in Staging is the same as the version in Live. Your staging site is not automatically linked to the Live system and so needs to be manually updated. As such, please send a request through this portal to ask us to update your staging site. 

Please advise: 

  • The name of the Form
  • The name of the Event or Workforce Compliance Requirement that this form relates to

We can load the relevant forms and workflows into your Staging system for you to edit. Please allow up to 10 working days for your Staging site to be populated. If a change is urgent, please notify us as soon as possible.

Once you have made your changes, fully tested the forms and any related event/requirement workflows, and are happy for the form to be published to your Live system, please raise a ticket through this portal or by emailing and we will transfer the updated form across for you. 

Any old versions of the form will not be affected, but new forms will now use the latest version.

Updating the Form

From the Admin Dashboard, select Form Editor

Here you will see all your system's forms along with the current published state.

To make changes to a form, click into it from this list to go to the editor.

The middle panel is the canvas, where we can make our changes and on the right hand side we can see a preview of what the form will  look like to users. 

Make the required changes to the form and click Save.

For guidance on using the form editor, please refer to the relevant guides here.

Once you have completed the changes click Publish on the the top right hand side of the screen. 

You will be presented with a box to confirm the type of form being published. If you are updating a form that has been published previously, you will only see a single option here, which will be the option selected when the form was first published:

If this is the first time that the form is published you will see the following options - For more information on the different options here, please refer to our guide Publishing a New Form:

Select how you would like to use the form and click Publish 

Once the form is published, the changes will automatically link through to any Events, Scheduled Tasks or Workforce Compliance Requirements within the system that you publish in. 

If you are updating this form in Staging, it will update existing content in Staging only. You can now test and review the content as required, and once satisfied that the changes are ready to move across to Live, contact the Radar Healthcare support team to transfer the updated form over for you. 

If you are updating this form in Live, it will update existing content in Live only. Any Events, assigned Compliance Requirements or Scheduled Tasks that have already been completed or are still in progress will remain on the original version of the form, however, any new Events, unstarted Scheduled Tasks and newly assigned Workforce Compliance Requirements will update to the newest version of the form. 

When to use Save As

Please note, if you click Save As at any time when updating a form, this will be classed as a brand new form and will not link through to existing workflows for Events and Workforce Compliance Requirements. If you wish a new form to replace an old form, this will require a configuration change in the workflow settings to link it to the relevant Event or Workforce Compliance Requirement. 

Save As is very useful if you need to create a similar form to one already in use, e.g. for a new Requirement or Event Type, as it means you don't need to start from scratch. 

Reverting to an old version of a form

If you have published a form and wish to undo the changes and return to an earlier version of the form, you can do so. Please view our guidance on Form Versioning and Reverting to an Old Version of a Form