All events recorded in Radar Healthcare can be exported as a PDF document. This export will give you a full overview of the event in its entirety. 

To export the event as a PDF, from within the event itself, select the PDF icon from the top right of the event screen.

You will then be given the option to select the sections of the event that you would like to include in the export, along with the option to select if the data is to be redacted.

Redactable fields are those that have been flagged as such in the back end of Radar Healthcare. This can include Staff lists, Service User lists and any Custom list that is set up to appear in a drop down selection. 

When exporting an event, the redacting options are:

  • Fully redacted = all redactable fields will be removed and replaced with the word REDACTED
  • Reference only = all redactable fields will be replaced with the corresponding reference for the answer selected (e.g. staff reference ID rather than staff name)
  • Show all = all information is printed in full

Choose the information you need to include and click Download event.

The resulting export will be a fully formatted and colour coded (where relevant) export of all information entered for the event. From here you can download, save and print the report as required.

Please note the export will only pull through information that you have permission to view, so if you do not have permission to view all the workflow steps, you will be unable to see these on the exported report.